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"Pro Diamond Ash" Mega Volume Tweezer

"Pro Diamond Ash" Mega Volume Tweezer

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Our "Pro Diamond Ash" Mega Volume Tweezer is our upgraded and advance tweezer that grips up to 75D handmade volume fans, making extreme wispy wide fans that has small narrow and pointy tips. This tweezer has a shorter mouth tip, making it easier for you to have full control over how many lashes you can grip at a time without any hassle, making handmade mega volume fans at your leisure, using any method of your choice.

Best Features:

- Designed Specifically for 0.02 or 0.03 lash trays

- Designed Specifically for extreme mega volume artists and lash sets

- For advance, master or expert artistes and licensed professionals use only.

- Heavy Weighted with shorter mouth tips; easier for gripping more lashes.

- Last up to 2-3 years with proper care.

- 100% German Steel

- Grips 75D Handmade Volume Fans

 - Perfect for teaching lash trainings.


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