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0.07 Volume Single Length Trays

0.07 Volume Single Length Trays

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Our 0.07  Volume Lash Trays Are 100% Cruelty & Toxin Free Lashes That Are Extremely Light Weight. This Diameter Easily Allows You To Create Beautiful And Fluffy Fans That Has Narrow Pointy Tips. Giving You The End Result Both you and Your Client Desire.

Our 0.07 Volume Lash Trays Are

Available In.....

- 0.07

- C, CC, D, D+ Curls

- 10 To 25MM Single Length Trays


Fun Facts: Perfect For Beginner Volume Lash Artists


- For Volume Lash Sets

- 100% Cruelty Free

- 100% Toxin Free

- 12 Rows

- They Are Regular Volume Lash Trays, NOT EASY FANS.

- For Full / Natural Volume Lash Sets

- Ultra Soft Lashes

- Velvet Finish

- Matte Black

- Easy To Grip

- Easy To Fan

- Easy To Make Fans With Narrow Tips

- Foil Backs For Easy Pull Offs


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