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"Mega Tron Babe" | Mega Mega Mega Volume Tweezer

"Mega Tron Babe" | Mega Mega Mega Volume Tweezer

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Our Mega Tron Babe is a lash tweezer used for mega mega mega volume lash sets.

T A V Herself Uses These Tweezers Everyday To Complete Each Mega Mega Mega Set

Are Available In...........

- Banana Yellow

- Bubble Gum Pink

- Fiji Blue

- Lime Green

- Lavender

- Orange

- Raspberry

- Salmon Pink

- Sky Blue


Tweezer Fun Facts:

- Grips Up To 80D Handmade Volume Fans

- Can Make Extreme, Dramatic & Bold Lash Sets

- Easy To Fan

- Firm Grip

- Easy To Use

- Lasts Up To 2-3 Years


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Customer Reviews

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Best mega volume tweezer to make fans

Ok T A V ! You have a loyal customer forever lol I freaking love these tweezers, the last time I purchased 10 because I had a mega volume training and these tweezers made it easier for me to teach and easier for my students to learn. I have another group training of 50 students so I have to order agin. As you all can see majority of her tweezers are always sold it. So it’s best to stock up on a couple or few instead of waiting on her restocks.