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Mega Mega Mega Volume Set With Bottom Lashes

Our Famous Mega Mega Mega Set Is Achieved With.........

Snack Time Bottom Lashes

0.03 Volume Lash Trays

Mojo Cyber Lash Adhesive

Diamond Ash Mega Volume Tweezer

Rose Application / Isolation Tweezer

Extreme Hold Tape

Shimmery Disposable Mascara Wands

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Our New & Improved Lash Formula Of Our Mojo Cyber Lash Adhesive.

FUN FACTS & BENEFITS: 1 For $24.87 (2) For $39.99

✨0.05 Seconds Dry Time
✨9-11 Weeks Retention Time
✨Low Fumes
✨Works In Any Humidity
✨Perfect For Sensitive Eyes
✨Spill / Waste Protector
✨Speeds Up Your Time On Lash Sets
✨Banana Aroma
✨Black Adhesive
✨Works Perfect For Any Lash Artist


Mini Volume Kit

All of our signature lash trays and supplies that you’ll need to do any volume lash set.

Natural Volume Kit: 0.07

Russian Volume Kit: 0.05

Mega Volume Kit: 0.03

"Mega Tron Babe" | Mega Mega Mega Volume Lash Tweezer

T A V's Go To Tweezer For The Over Top Extreme Bold And Dramatic Lash Sets That She Creates Everyday.

- Take Your Lash Career To Another Level With Higher Paying Clients

- Grips Up To 85D Handmade Volume Fans

- Create Layers Of Extreme Dramatic, Dark & Bold Lash Sets Per Client

- Easy To Grip & Fan 

- Lasts Up To 2-3 Years

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"Mega Mega" | Mega Mega Volume Lash Tweezers

T A V's Everyday Tweezers She Uses To Create All Of Her Extreme Lash Sets

- Grips Up To 80D Handmade Volume Fans

- Firm Grip

- Easy To Fan

- Lasts Up To 2-3 Years


Play Time Is Over Volume Single Length

Lash Trays Are Cashmere Lashes, easy to grip, easy to fan. Light Weight. Ultra soft with a velvet texture that is matte black and super fluffy lashes. They are best used for Full, Bold, dramatic, wispy and strip lash sets.

Available In.....

- 0.03 , 0.05 , 0.07

- C , D , D+ ( DD ) Curl

- Mixed Length Trays ( 14 Lines )

- Single Length Trays ( 12 Lines )

12 - 25mm Single Length Trays


Snack Time Bottom Lashes

Our Snack Time Bottom Lashes are soft, easy to grip, give you classy to bold, Wispy, Spiky, and dramatic looks.

Available In............

- 7-14mm Mixed Length Trays

- B And J Curl

- 0.18 & 0.05

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Royal Princess Handheld Mirrors

Our Royal Princess Handheld Mirrors Are Perfect For Anyone in The Beauty Industry  to use after any service for their clients to see the outcome. They are light weight, easy to pickup and travel with and fit in majority of any size bags. 

Available In Two Colors.....

- Spoiled Pink

-Baddie Rose Gold


Apple Sliced Lash Tiles

Our Apple Sliced Lash Tiles Are Perfect For Any Artist In The Beauty Industry.

Available In......

- Cotton Candy Pink

- Cloudy White

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Extreme Hold Lash Tape

Our Extreme Hold Tape Is Perfect For Anyone In The Beauty Industry. They Are Available In Two Colors; Green And Pink. You Get 2 Tapes For The Price Of One.

Best Used For....

- Tape Down Method

- Tape Up Method

- Cut Creases For Doing Makeup


Pink Angel Wings Handheld Fan

- Has 3 Speed Levels

- Colorful Lights

-  Comes With Usb Charger

- Cell Phone Holder

- Stands Up Alone By Itself

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50D Mega Mega Volume Tweezer Set

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Our Multi Colored 50D Mega Mega Volume Tweezer Set

Your Tweezers & Mirror Will Be A Mixture Of Banana Yellow, Bubble Gum Pink, Lavender, Lime Green, Orange

Complimentary Fantasy Tape Dispenser With Extreme Hold Lash Tape

1 Rose Straight Tweezer

1 Diamond Ash Mega Volume Tweezer

1 Megatron Mega Mega Volume Tweezer

1 Mega Mega Extreme Volume Tweezer

1 XL Luxury Lash Mirror


Tweezers Details:

- Will Take Your Volume Lash Sets To Another Level

- Last up to 3 years

- Slightly Heavy Tweezer

- Grips Up To 80D Handmade Volume Fans

- Easy To Use

- Easy To Make Fans In Seconds

- Firm & Tight Grip

- Great for bottom volume lashes as well