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0.02 Extreme Mega Cookies Lash Collection

0.02 Extreme Mega Cookies Lash Collection

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Mixed Lengths

 Cookies Lash  collection 0.02 lash trays are designed for lash artists who specializes in custom brown wispy, dramatic, mega volume and extreme mega volume that wants high quality lash trays with the perfect texture, curls, touch and easy to grip with tweezers that comes off the lash strip easily. Our lash trays are the most delicate and softest lash trays that gives you the brown matte look  quickly: making up to 100D handmade extreme mega fans within seconds. They are vegan lashes with a plant based lash band and hypoallergenic for everyone who’s sensitive to eyelash extensions. Our lashes are cruelty free; no animals were harmed making our lash trays.

Cookies Lash Collection Has:

Regular Volume Lash Trays ( NOT EASY FAN )

Matte Brown  Lashes

Velvet Touch & Finish ( NO SHINE )

Ultra Soft

Super Delicate

Easy To Fan Out To Make Handmade Volume Fans

Available In:


Diameters: 0.02 

Curls: C, CC, D, D+ , J Curl 

Mixed Lengths: 10-15mm, 15-20mm

Super soft matte brown lashes that fans out within seconds that has the perfect velvet finish and touch.


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