The biggest lash tray ever that has the most softest, fluffiest & light weight lashes for every dramatic or mega volume lash set.

Lash Trillionaire Collection Has

98 Rows

14 Lines Each

7 Different Curls ( B , C , CC , D , D+ , J )

Diameters: 0.03 , 0.05

Mixed Lengths: 10-15mm , 15-20mm , 20-25mm

Lash Trillionaire Collection


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Mega Mega | Mega Volume Lash Tweezers

T A V's Everyday Tweezers She Uses To Create All Of Her Extreme Lash Sets

- Grips Up To 80D Handmade Volume Fans

- Firm Grip

- Easy To Fan

- Lasts Up To 2-3 Years


Mega Tron Babe | Mega Volume Lash Tweezer

T A V's Go To Tweezer For The Over Top Extreme Bold And Dramatic Lash Sets That She Creates Everyday.

- Take Your Lash Career To Another Level With Higher Paying Clients

- Grips Up To 85D Handmade Volume Fans

- Create Layers Of Extreme Dramatic, Dark & Bold Lash Sets Per Client

- Easy To Grip & Fan 

- Lasts Up To 2-3 Years


Diamond Ash | Mega Volume Tweezer

Our Mega Volume Tweezer Diamond ASH

- Grips up to 50D Handmade Volume Fans

- Has a firm grip

- Easy to Grip

- Easy To make Fans

- Easy To Use

- Lasts Up To 2-3 Years


Extreme Mega Pro | Extreme Mega Volume Tweezers

Our Extreme Mega Pro is a extreme mega volume tweezer that is specifically designed for extreme mega volume, dramatic lash sets and 0.02 / 0.03 lash trays. This tweezer grips a tremendous amount of lashes off the lash strip evenly for you to make a perfect wide wispy mega fan with narrow base tips.

Pros/ Benefits:

- Grips Up To 100D Handmade Extreme Mega Fans

- Creates mega Fans Within seconds

- Upgrades Your Lashing Techniques & lash Styles.

- Gives You The ability To Upcharge On Your Lash Sets & Attract More Clientele That Loves Dramatic Sets.

- Speeds Up Your Lashing Process

- Gives You The Ability To Lash More Clients Within A Day

- 100% German Steel

- Diamond Grip Tweezers


Beginner Volume | Volume Tweezer

Beginner Volume is a volume tweezer designed for beginner volume lash artists that are new to doing volume lash sets and for 0.07 lash trays. This tweezer is also versatile, can be used for volume, russian volume and mega volume lash sets as well.

Pros/ Benefits:

- 3 In 1 Tweezer: Versatile For All Volume Lash Sets

- Can Be Used For Both Regular Volume & Easy Fans Lash Trays

- Grips Up To 10-25D Handmade Volume Fans

- 100% German Steel

- Firm Grip

- Lasts 2-3 Years


Strawberry Daiquiri Lash Shampoo

Our Strawberry Daiquiri Lash Shampoo is a foaming lash cleanser that is used as a lash bath to cleanse your clients lashes from oil, build up, makeup, sweet, and debris. This lash shampoo brings back your clients lash extensions from dull and thin to wispy and full.

Pros/ Benefits:

- Helps Aid In Natural Thick & Full Lash Growth

- Balances Your Clients Natural Lashes PH

- Helps Strengthen Your Clients Lashes

- Aids In a Longer Retention Time For All Lash Sets

- Gentle For All Skin Types


Small Pack Of Glue Rings

30-40 Pieces of heart shaped adhesive rings with slits on the sides to help make narrow base fans.


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