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Pro Lash Sealant

Pro Lash Sealant

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 The last step to lock in your lash set after using your lash bonder

Pro Lash Sealant prolongs the retention time of your lash set while maintaining your natural lashes healthy and thick without any damage or breakage.

Fun Facts:

- Removes oil, makeup, proteins, and everything else from the natural lashes / lash extensions

- Gives an extra boost of shine to your extensions.

- Helps grow your natural lashes

- Prevents white reside from lash adhesive.


How To Use Pro Lash Sealant?


Lash Artist:

- Use a micro brush applicator and apply it to to the bonding point only

- Do not brush through

- Use a handheld fan to dry.


Clients ( The Customer):

- Use daily for maximum retention results.

- Apply 1 hour after lash extensions.

- Apply to bonding point, not on skin.

- Air dry or use a handheld fan to dry.


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Customer Reviews

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Holy Grail for making spikes

I went from making stuff spikes to now making soft spikes using the pro lash sealant. Use the super lash bonder after to seal the base. I let it dry for 5 minutes max then apply to my client lashes. This small bottle last a long time too, I purchased mine in April now it’s December and I still have a lot left