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Baby Doll Volume 1 Day Virtual Lash Course With T A V | Lash Kit Included

Baby Doll Volume 1 Day Virtual Lash Course With T A V | Lash Kit Included

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Our baby doll volume lash extension course introduces you to the fun artistry side of lash industry where you’ll learn how to customize lash sets to fit your clients eye shape, facial structure and hair color matching analysis. It get in depths since everyone looks different and every lash set will look completely different on everyone else. This is a fundamental lash course that’ll take your lash career to another level, giving you the opportunity to reach a range of different clientele and more.

We’ll Go Over:

  • Eye Shapes
  • Facial Structures
  • Eyelash Colors / Eyebrow Colors / Hair Color Analysis 
  • Bottom Lash Techniques 
  • Color Matching 
  • Health & Sanitation 
  • Lash Stages
  • Lash Curls, Diameters, Lengths
  • Lash Styling / Techniques 
  • Lash Layering 
  • Lash Taping Techniques 
  • Safety Application & Removal Process 
  • Proper Isolation Process
  • Learn The Difference Between Lash Tweezers
  • Lash Preparation 
  • Lash Bath & Primer
  • Lash Supplies
  • Lashing Techniques 
  • Lash Adhesives 
  • When To Apply Bonder
  • Client Consent Waiver Forms
  • Allergies


  • Student Lash Kit
  • Lash Manual
  • Mannequin Head
  • Practice Lashes
  • Client Consent Waiver Form
  • Certification Of Completion


  • Promoting & Marketing Your Business 
  • Social Media
  • How To Make Business Cards
  • How To Attract Your Targeted Clientele
  • Pricing
  • Deposits
  • Booking Site
  • State Board License ( Esthetician )
  • How To Post Content


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