Collection: T A V'S First Day Of School Lash Trays & Supplies Collection

T A V'S First  Day Of School Lash Trays & Supplies Collection consists of a kindergarten theme where you are able to purchase any items that you need to use for the first day of school. Meaning all the products that you need to slay your clients lashes.


This Collection Consists of................

- Lash Tweezers & Lash Mirrors

- Handheld Mirrors

- Handheld Fans

- Luxury Lash Trays

- Luxury Bottom Lashes

- Disposable Mascara Wands

- Disposable Cleansing Wands

- T A V Pencils

- Extreme Hold Tape

- Fantasy Unicorn Tape & Dispenser

- Apple Sliced Lash Tiles

- Lava Rock Adhesive Rings

- Lash Cleansers

- Mannequin Heads

- Extravagant Face Masks

- Practice Lashes

- Mystery Lash Kits

- Cellphone Selfie Ring Lights

- Adhesive Holders

- Lash Adhesives